A journey to make it happen……

Dear readers,


We met again. I am the founder of this site which means I’m the creator of Irenelivesdaily.wordpress.com

Previously i was actively involve in blogging activities. There are few blog site that i already created since 2009. But then due to workload, I’m starting forget to write. Then, an idea comes to try blogging on wordpress. How it differ from blogspot?? I need to figure this out. Just  a brief about myself…There are few names that people call me…mostly my familiar call me Kiera or Irene.My readers, you can call me both because “ONE for ONE, WE‘re the SAME“.Kiera or Irene…Irene or Kiera…we’re still the same Entity.

Tell you what…

I’am so excited to write back and there are so much that I want to write. But first of all, I need to show you these:


Our Babies


You saw the picture right??….

Our Babies…My Babies…

To start writing back, I spent nearly 2500 MYR to buy my babies..My new lappy,My new wireless mouse, My broadband and of course ..book for beginner’s in WordPress. I’m so seriously want to get back in the industry. Just wait for my continuously update…:)



We’re the same….


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